Seven People Involved With Motorcycle Gang Arrested in Beating at Phoenix Bar

Seven people associated with a motorcycle gang have been arrested for allegedly beating a man and his girlfriend outside a Phoenix bar in March.

Police say the seven people are involved with a motorcycle gang called Latin Riderz, and face charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping, and assisting a criminal street gang.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos tells New Times the victims, a man and his girlfriend, were innocent people who were "literally just minding their own business" inside the River City Pockets bar on March 19, when they were confronted by the alleged gangsters.

Police say one of the alleged gangsters made a rude comment to the man's girlfriend, and he attempted to verbally defend her. He was assaulted by several people before attempting to leave the bar, which is located near Bell Road and 11th Street.

In the parking lot, the man and his girlfriend were confronted by a group of seven people -- including four men and three women -- who essentially detained the couple, police say. Both of them were assaulted in the parking lot, police say.

The people involved in the assault weren't identified until recently, as Phoenix PD's Gang Enforcement Unit looked into the case.

"It took a while because there were so many people involved in the assault," Martos says. That included police interviews, line-ups, and other processes

After more than four months, police were finally able to make arrests in the case, and served five search warrants this morning, leading to the seven arrests.

Police have identified the alleged Latin Riderz associates as Seth Resler, 27; Nathaniel Zachariae, 27; Sky Beebe, 23; Anthony Spiker, 26; Laura Katzner, 29; Dru Mundorff, 40; and Brandon Goodney, 30.

Although the Latin Riderz aren't among the more notorious motorcycle gangs in Arizona, they are recognized by the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs.

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