Seventy-Six-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine

Seventy-Six-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine

Typically, senior citizens don't draw too much suspicion from law enforcement, so we're a little shocked to learn that a 76-year-old Mexican woman was arrested for smuggling more than $125,000 worth of cocaine across the U.S./Mexico border earlier this week.

According to officials at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the woman tried to pass through the Morley pedestrian gate in Nogales on Tuesday.

She told border agents she was coming into the U.S. to do some shopping but the agents became suspicious.

Agents referred the woman for additional inspection, at which point, they found a large package of cocaine strapped to her leg.

Agents say the woman was carrying about three pounds of coke with her as she tried to cross the border, with an estimated street value of about $127,000.

We have a feeling the woman isn't the mastermind behind the cocaine operation, rather the latest pawn for the drug cartels. Either way, she was turned over to ICE for further investigation.

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