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The Arizona Department of Education doesn't track where or even if the state's certified teachers are working.

In 1988, police arrested Glendale High special-ed teacher Raymond Bierner on charges of sexually fondling four teenage girls.

Superior Court Judge Frank Galati later dismissed the charges, in return for Bierner's written promise never again to apply for a teaching position--in Maricopa County.

The father of one of the girls complained bitterly about the deal: "What about kids in other places?" he asked the judge.

That became a bona fide issue after the Glendale school board didn't ask the state Board of Education to yank Bierner's teaching license. In June 1990, records show, the teacher-certification unit renewed his license for six years.

But Berkley Lunt says he doesn't know if Bierner is teaching in Arizona.
"We just know a person's certification status," Lunt says. "To find out where someone is working, you'd have to call each district or each county superintendent and ask them.

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