Sexting: Bad Idea When Recipient's 13; Prescott Valley Man Arrested for Sending Naked Pictures to Minor (Who Sent Him Naked Pics, Too)

Police in Prescott Valley arrested 27-year-old Mathew James Noble yesterday after some naked pictures of him found their way onto the cell phone of a 13-year-old-girl.

Police got a call from the girl's mother about 1 a.m. Sunday; she said she found nude photos of a grown man on her daughter's cell phone.

Police identified the naked man in the photos as Noble, who lives in the same apartment complex as the victim and her mother.

Cops soon tracked down Noble who admitted to sending the nude photos to the girl.

Noble told police he had no idea who the girl was or how old she happened to be.

His reasoning for sending naked pictures of himself to a 13-year-old girl: he may have overheard a conversation where someone mentioned her number.

If that's the case, we wonder what Noble's plan was if that phone number he randomly overheard in conversation turned out to belong to a 300-pound ex-con and not a 13-year-old girl who just so happens to live in his apartment complex.

Noble's story also seems quite a stretch considering the 13-year-old returned the favor.

Police say the victim sent Noble naked pictures of her, as well.

Noble was arrested on two counts of aggravated luring of a minor for sexual exploitation and indecent exposure. He was booked into the Yavapai County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

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