Sham Russell Pearce Recall "Candidate" Olivia Cortes in Say it To Her Face

Every Friday, we give our readers an opportunity to sound off about current events in the form of a contest we call You Write the Caption.

In honor of sham Russell Pearce recall election "candidate" Olivia Cortes abandoning her "candidacy," we've decided to change things up a little bit.

This week, we're holding a different sort of contest called Say it to Her Face.

The way it works is simple: we show you a photo, like the one above of sham candidate Cortes.

In the comment section of this post, you write whatever you would say to Cortes if you happened to bump into her somewhere and got to tell her to her face what you think of her -- and Pearce's -- sleazy attempt to manipulate Democracy.

Cortes, as you probably know, pretended to run in the recall election of Senate President Russell Pearce in an attempt to lure voters away from Pearce's legitimate opponent, Jerry Lewis, with her somewhat-Hispanic last name, broken English, and Tea Party backing. Cortes has since abandoned her campaign, but not before sticking it out long enough to get her name on the ballot, which will likely sway some ill-informed voters.

On Monday, we'll take our five favorite comments and put them to a vote. The winner will receive the grand prize of a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times Building, a firm handshake, and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix municipal tap water.

We'll also mail a copy of each comment to Cortes' house and Pearce's office.

Do your worst, New Times readers. And, as always, let's keep the death threats to a minimum.

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James King
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