Shane Chavis Skipped Court for His Naked Silly String Episode in Dollar Store; Cops Allegedly Catch Him With Drugs Again

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Shane Chavis -- best known for his role as the allegedly naked man who had a naked picnic in a Dollar Tree bathroom before he used 10 cans of Silly String to decorate the Phoenix store -- was arrested again yesterday for skipping out on his court date in that case.

You might think that the Silly String episode would've been the point where Chavis turned it around, but police would probably disagree, considering the needle loaded with heroin allegedly found in his pocket yesterday.

It was March 2010 when the Silly String incident occurred, as he was busted by a Dollar Tree employee who noticed water running under the door of the store's restroom.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, the woman knocked on the door, and Chavis answered -- naked.

He was chowing down on potato chips, canned peaches, and other food products while he was naked in the bathroom, and police later found blood and a hypodermic needle in the sink.

Before the cops showed up, Chavis put his clothes on and went to play with Easter decorations and Silly String in the store.

Chavis sprayed at least 10 cans of Silly String "all over" the storeroom, according to the documents.

Chavis still had two cans of Silly String in his pockets when police showed up, as well as a baggy of black tar heroin, a knife, and several hypodermic needles stashed in a backpack, the documents say.

Chavis' explanation was that he'd just been released from jail earlier in the week, and had been awake doing meth for a good four days.

Chavis' run-in with police Monday was way milder.

According to court documents, a CVS employee said Chavis had been stealing from the store, and wanted him banned from coming back.

Police ran his name, and found that he had a warrant for failing to appear at a court date in his Silly String case.

Chavis also informed the cops he had a "partial shot" of heroin in his pocket, which turned out to be true, according to the documents.

There were also two more needles inside Chavis' backpack, one of them containing some extra heroin, the documents say.

Chavis faces of narcotic drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, in addition to his three other charges from the Silly String episode, which includes an indecent-exposure charge.

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