Shaq's Big Truck Gets Loaded With Presents -- Santa Must Have Sleigh Envy

The Shaq went toy shopping recently at the Scottsdale Pavilions, an event labeled "breaking news" by the shopping center's PR folks.

While we appreciate the enterprising nature of Scottsdale Pavilions to drum up business with this "news," we don't usually fall for such commercial cheese. But the pictures submitted by the Pavilions did show one interesting thing: Check out the size of Shaq's truck! Holy carbon-filled smoke, that is one monster pickup truck.

Shaq obviously ain't too concerned about global warming. An article earlier this year claims Shaq spends $23,000 on gasoline for his "harem of automobiles." Then again, Shaq can easily afford carbon credits if he grows guilty.

We're not the first to notice Shaq's big ride, which he bought earlier this year. Sports fans have seen it featured on TV prior to at least one game

The truck is a SportsChassis P2, made by Freightliner for folks who can afford the six-digit pricetag. According to SportsChassis' Web site, the P2 is "a fully functional pickup with the power, safety and security to haul you and your family around town or across country."

Naturally, being able to haul 15 tons at freeway speeds would come in handy for any family. -- Ray Stern 

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