Sheriff Arpaio's Office Planning to Release More Documents on Munnell Memo Investigation


The long-awaited report on the investigation into allegations against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's command staff didn't get released today, after all.

True, a 1,022-page summary report was released. But about one-third of it was blacked out, and the three separate reports containing the conclusions of the investigation haven't been released -- with the exception being part of a report about Hendershott.

Turns out we didn't know what we were looking at last Thursday, when we reviewed the report containing conclusions about the misconduct of Arpaio's now-fired top aide, Dave Hendershott. That was the separate report on the conclusions about Hendershott. But, as we noted last week, about half of that report was blacked out.

The conclusions about now fired Deputy Chief Larry Black, another of Arpaio's closest aides, are expected to be released tomorrow, and we'll give you the gist of that one right after we read it. However, that report also is likely to be heavily redacted because nothing about another target of the investigation, Captain Joel Fox, can yet be released.

Fox, a "merit-protected" employee, (unlike the fired "at-will employees, Hendershott and Black), is choosing to appeal the investigation's findings. After that process is finished, which could take weeks, the conclusory report on Fox and the blacked-out portions of the other reports should be released.

Twice today, when we asked Arpaio about specifics, he told us to "read the report," even though only a fraction of the report has been released.

Asked if he planned to answer more questions about the reports once they've been released and read by the news media, Arpaio responded, "I'll read the New Times."

We'll try not to disappoint him.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.