Sheriff Joe Arpaio: My Office is a Disgrace, but I Love Horsies!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's media sluttiness knows no bounds and now includes exploiting abused horses in an apparent attempt to repair his image.

As the walls are caving in around his corrupt command staff following the (partial) release of a report from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office regarding misconduct and corruption by the sheriff's top brass, Arpaio's using abused horses to try to take some of the heat off the MCSO.

Tomorrow at 10 a.m., America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" will join a veterinarian as he examines several horses rescued from the allegedly abusive home of 68-year-old Terryl Redding, of Buckeye. And, of course, the media is invited to watch as Arpaio -- who as far as we know holds no degree in animal medicine -- and the vet examine the horses to determine whether the animals will survive.

According to the sheriff's office, Arpaio "has taken an interest in this case after realizing that people like horses and his public image took a beating this week having seen the video and pictures of the animals in such bad shape."

Arpaio feels it's important for him to be photographed with the horses join the vet when he examines the ponies to "impart to the vet tomorrow his belief that euthanasia is not an acceptable end."

"I want to do whatever I can to ensure that these horses are not euthanized while under the care of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office," Arpaio says.

Arpaio may want to work on doing "whatever [he] can" to get the sleaze out of his publicly funded office -- then worry about the ponies. 
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