Sheriff Joe Arpaio's approval rating at 55% statewide, 57% in Maricopa County.

Last week, I wrote about a poll from PHX's Behavior Research Center, which showed Sheriff Joe's popularity rating to be 57% excellent or good within Maricopa County. The Scottsdale company American Traffic Solutions commissioned the statistical query from BRC as part of a larger poll about how AZ denizens view photo traffic enforcement.

In the post, I mentioned how Joe's lackeys have been pimping the poll results, though inflating the numbers to make it seem like Joe's still in the 80th percentile, somewhere, anywhere, amongst some group, any group, whether whites or Republicans, or Republican whites, or Republican Christian whites, or Republican Christian whites named Larry. The problem is that ATS has never officially released the poll results regarding Joe in some sort of press release to the media. So as bit by bit leaks out, I make sure to phone ATS flack Josh Weiss to run the numbers by him. There are many out there who have this mistaken notion that this poll shows Joe in the 80s. It does not.

Today, the Republic's EJ Montini described in his column a Joe flunky handing the poll off to him, which cited a statewide, across the board 55% excellent or good rating of Joe. I e-mailed Weiss, and he confirmed the statewide number, and re-confirmed the county number of 57% rating Joe excellent or good.

Most politicians would love to have these numbers, especially during an election year. But Joe's numbers have been steadily declining since the end of last year. According to Weiss at ATS, this poll was done in January of this year, so Joe's numbers may be lower still, at present. They offer Dan Saban a fighting chance. Eight poll points may stand between him and victory. And that cannot make Joe happy.

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