Sheriff Paul Babeu "Pleaded" With Ex-Boyfriend to Keep Silent About Relationship, AG's Investigators Reveal

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The allegations first reported by New Times in February were explosive: Paul Babeu's ex-boyfriend claimed that -- after he refused to sign an agreement to keep quiet about his relationship with the sheriff -- Babeu and his attorney threatened him with deportation.

But was there a threat? Did Chris DeRose, Babeu's attorney, raise questions about the ex-boyfriend's immigration status to intimidate him into signing a non-disclosure contract?

That question has been at the crux of a story that lit a firestorm for the once-up-and-coming Republican and forced him to quit his Congressional campaign.

And, today, a seven-month investigation by the Arizona Attorney General's Office concluded that the answer was: "There is no indication that [Babeu] misused any authority or misused public money to harass or intimidate Jose Orozco" and that Ozoco's "allegations are not supported by the facts."

But it appears that DeRose told investigators a different story than he told the media.

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Monica Alonzo
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