Sheriff Paul Babeu Says He Had Nothing to Do With Somewhat Racist Billboard

Last night, a friend e-mailed us a photo of a billboard showing a quote from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu accompanied by what appears to be a Hispanic family lookin' down in the dumps.

The quote isn't necessarily racist -- neither is the photo -- but when combined they give the impression that Babeu thinks sad-looking Hispanic families are "a national security threat to America."

Check out the billboard after the jump.


The billboard is on the property of Frank Pierson and Mary Ellen Kazda, of Oracle, and Babeu says he had nothing to do with it, nor does he approve it.

Not only isn't the quote accurate, he says, it's incomplete.

The actual quote is: "Those responsible for drug and human smuggling and those entering the U.S. illegally especially from terrorist countries are the most serious public safety threat to America." 

We hate to go on stereotypes, but the folks in the picture don't exactly look like your standard drug or human smugglers.

"I find this billboard offensive and misleading. This message is not truthful and takes away from the great work our law enforcement members do on a daily basis to protect our Pinal County families," Babeu says.

Babeu says he doesn't even know the family that owns the property where the billboard is located and that he didn't direct anyone to put it there.

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