Sheriff Shaq? Former Suns Big Man Applies to Be Deputized in Cleveland

Shaquille O'Neal, the "Big Shaquisition" as he is now being called by Cavs fans, is hoping to become a deputized police officer in Ohio as he was in Florida, Virginia, and, of course, Arizona.

After being traded from the Suns to the Cavs back in June, Shaq has applied to become a special deputy in Cleveland, a position that would allow him to carry a gun and make arrests.

Shaq's previous post was with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, where he was promoted to the rank of colonel in Sheriff Joe's infamous posse. That gig was cut short after the then-Desert Diesel re-entered the rap game and used a stage at a New York night club to ask former teammate Kobe Bryant to "tell me how my ass taste" via freestyle rap.

Like most bad rap songs, Shaq's rant was littered with "N-bombs" and the always race-sensitive Arpaio (ahem...) found the lyrics unbecoming of a posseman, so he dropped Shaqzilla from the force. It was just a publicity stunt by Boob Tube Joe, of course, and O'Neal couldn't have cared less.     

The Ohio thing's not official yet -- Shaq needs to complete 36 hours of police training, take the Buckeye State's police examination, and pass a test on a shooting range (he'll probably have more luck there than at the free-throw line).

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