Not Kathy Shayna Shocket...

Shocket Shocker: It's alive!

Did Kathy Shayna Shocket survive the Repugnant's editorial bloodbath? That's what I wondered after I read her 11/20 society column. Sources high up on the Republic food chain had informed me that Shocket was part of last week's Gannett layoff-fest, where 31 employees were let go, including 7-to-8 editorialistas. In my 11/14 post Slaughter in the Newsroom, I mentioned by name three victims of the corporate axe: Mike Cronin, Peter Madrid, and Kathy Shayna Shocket. But here was Shocket's byline, so what be the dilly?

I immediately e-mailed Shocket, and received this speedy reply:

"why would you think id been let go? Still covering society as i always had and with our magazine as i always had"

(Note: She had not responded to previous phone calls.)

I e-mailed again and asked her if she was still on staff or had been downgraded to freelance, but she's yet to e-mail me back. I assume the mag she's talking about here is AZ Society.

I rechecked with my most upper echelon source at the Republic, and this person confirmed that Shocket was out. Indeed, when I called the Republic switchboard, and asked after Cronin, Madrid and Shocket, I was told they no longer worked for the Republic. A call to publisher John Zidich, aka "ZeeDick" was not returned.

I then buzzed the most knowledgeable society maven I know, Bill Dougherty, publisher of Trends magazine, "the oldest, continuously published society and lifestyle publication in Arizona." Dougherty'd heard Shocket was out as well, but didn't know for sure. He described Shocket as aloof, a real ice queen.

"The other society reporters in town, we all get along," explained Dougherty. "Kathy's always been the outsider. She's extremely jealous of anyone doing the same thing she does, and socialized very little with the rest of us."

Recently Shocket moderated an event at Temple Beth Israel between now Congressman Harry Mitchell and a representative of JD Hayworth which turned into a real free-for-all after Hayworth's rep stated that Hayworth was actually a "more observant Jew" than those in attendance, despite Hayworthless being a big ol' goofy goyisher. Whole thing turned into a heckling match, and many walked out. The brouhaha made the blogosphere, specifically Daily Kos.

If anyone knows Shocket's real status at the Repugnant, holla atcha boy. Currently, her situtation recalls that of Mike the Headless chicken (pictured), the Fruita, Colorado rooster who had his head lopped off by a farmer in 1945, but then lived 18 MONTHS after the fact. How long will Shocket last? Stay tuned...

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