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Should Andrew Thomas Have to Foot the Bill for His Disciplinary Proceeding?

As our colleague Ray Stern reported yesterday, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas may have to fork over $554,000 for the disciplinary proceeding that ended with him losing his law license.

Thomas, as you may recall, was disbarred by a Supreme Court disciplinary panel that found he and some of his comrades abused their power as prosecutors.

Former deputy prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon lost her law license too, and a third former prosecutor, prosecutor, Rachel Alexander, was suspended for six months.

And someone's got to pay for it.

Stern reported that the tab represents the "recoverable costs" of the proceedings, including costs for hotel stays, meals, expert witnesses, and other expenses needed to bring the case against Thomas, Aubuchon, and Alexander.

Thomas called it quits on appealing the judgment against him, while his freshly disbarred colleagues are still pursuing it, so only Thomas' bill has been added up for now.

This morning's question: Should there be a $544,000 check signed Andrew P. Thomas?

Cast your vote below:

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