Should Joe Arpaio Resign Over Hundreds of Botched Sex-Crime Cases?

Maricopa County Sheriff is again under fire over hundreds of admittedly botched investigations into sex crimes over a three-year period ending in 2007.

One of his biggest critics: Congressman Raul Grijalva, who is calling for Arpaio to resign over the bungled investigations.

See our story on Arpaio's oopsies here.

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Grijalva, whose Congressional district includes part of Maricopa County, says the botched investigations has damaged the public's confidence in law enforcement.

See Grijalva's call for the sheriff to resign below.

"This nothing-to-see-here attitude is the worst kind of unaccountable arrogance, and Mr. Arpaio needs to step down before any more damage is done to public confidence in our law enforcement and justice system," Grijalva said. "The picture emerging - no follow-up, no investigation, no prosecution, no justiceand a shield of silence after the fact - is not how we conduct law enforcement in this country. Enforcing laws against violent crime, whatever a victim's legal status, is mandatory and not something we leave to individual communities as an open question. Selective enforcement undermines respect for our brave legal officers and is rightly not tolerated by the public.

"Mr. Arpaio might love headline-grabbing crackdowns and theatrical media appearances, but when it comes to the everyday work of keeping people safe, he seems to have lost interest some time ago. He should give the affected families a sense that justice is finally being done by taking the honorable route and resigning now."

Arpaio's (ahem, mature) response to Grijalva's request: saying that Grijalva's the one who should resign.

If history tells us anything, a pesky several-hundred botched investigations isn't gonna bring down an aging law-dog like Arpaio -- the damage it's caused to the public's confidence in his ability to provide minimal public safety be damned.

We want to know what you think, though: should Arpaio resign over the botched investigations?

Cast your vote below.

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