State Representative John Kavanagh
State Representative John Kavanagh

Should John Kavanagh Give Up on His Quest for a Repeal of Arizona's Medical-Pot Law?

The second public-opinion poll released in recent weeks on Arizona's medical-marijuana law also shows that voters support the act more than in 2010, when it was approved by voters.

The newest poll, from Chad Willems' Summit Consulting Group, says 55 percent of "likely voters" support the law, while just 39 percent oppose it.

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A Public Policy Polling survey released a few weeks ago showed 59 percent.

Yet, Republican state Representative John Kavanagh is proposing putting the issue back on the ballot. Kavanagh, just seems grumpy about the existence of weed, and he's been preaching about the evils of marihuana lately -- which people don't seem to be buying too much anymore.

So, is it worth going through this again, and having voters decide on Arizona's medical-marijuana law in 2014?

Cast your vote below:


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