Should MCSO Deputy Who Assaulted a Civilian Be Fired?

Maricopa County agreed to pay out $18,000 to a FedEx worker who was attacked in 2011 by an MCSO deputy, our colleague Ray Stern reported yesterday.

Deputy Sean Edwards-El was convicted later that year of misdemeanor assault, and it appears that Edwards-El is still working for the Sheriff's Office.

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The Phoenix Police Department report from the time cites an interview with the FedEx worker, Larry Strickler, who described being attacked by Edwards-El for no apparent reason.

Edwards-El grabbed him by the throat, and shoved him about 10 feet across the FedEx distribution center, into a truck, according to the report. Other deputies saw this, too.

Strickler didn't seem to know why he was attacked, although he described Edwards-El as having a bit of a temper that day, and noted how "huge" Edwards-El was, estimating that he had packed on nearly 50 pounds of muscle over the previous eight months.

Strickler sought $150,000 in his lawsuit, but Stern reported the settlement of $18,000.

Stern didn't immediately hear back from MCSO about punishment for Edwards-El.

Between assaulting a civilian and costing the county $18,000, don't you think that this guy should be fired?

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