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Sky Harbor to Conduct Random Luggage Checks and Psychological Trickery to Prevent Luggage Theft

Officials at Sky Harbor International Airport announced today that they will start conducting random bag-checks to prevent luggage theft at baggage-claim areas.

Good thinking, considering two people were just arrested for stealing more than a 1,000 bags without anyone seeming to notice for more than a month.

Officials say the airlines will be conducting random checks to make sure that passenger ticket information matches information on the luggage before people are allowed to take bags out of the airport.

Other upgrades to the Sky Harbor baggage security system will be increased police patrol of baggage areas, as well as more stringent monitoring of surveillance video.

The airport will be using some psychological trickery, as well.

According to Sky Harbor officials, the airport plans to repeatedly play overhead announcements warning passengers to have their ID cards ready to show airline personnel.

Let's be honest, with the amount of people going through Sky Harbor, how many can they actually stop -- but the reminder that you could be stopped is supposedly a deterrent in itself.

So, basically, not a whole lot has changed at the airport, but officials assure us that they're trying.

"We are continuing to work with our airport partners on long-term solutions to mitigate this issue," says Assistant Aviation Director Carl Newman.

Let's hope those "long-term solutions" consist of something more than Jedi mind tricks and a couple of extra cops walking around.

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