Now, this won't hurt a bit...

Slaughter in the Newsroom

Classy how the bean-counters at Gannett picked the week of the Walter Cronkite Luncheon to hack into the Arizona Republic's staff, cutting 31 jobs, according to Posts to that site suggest 7 editorial bodies are headed for the morgue (read, "unemployment line"), but a reliable source in the Republic's newsroom says 8, including the following names:

Peter Madrid Mike Cronin and Republic society columnist Kathy Shayna Shocket.

According to the source, the meeting announcing this was yesterday. The "economy" was given as the reason, which sounds bogus as the last time I checked the economy here in AZ was bangin'. No names were announced at that time, but those assembled were told there could be more editorial cuts to come, as the suits had "held off" a bit this time around. What assholes.

Republic guillotine victims or anyone else who wants to dish or correct the above, call me at 602-229-8426. Or e-mail me at

I know the Republic's daily circ is down 2.5%; 2.6% for the Sunday rag. Still, uh, do the Gannett goobers ever consider the radical idea of making their lame-ass daily better? That usually costs more money, you corporate doofi...

Like Drudge always says, "Developing..."

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