Sloppy Handwriting First Mistake in Failed Bank Robbery in Downtown Phoenix

If you have any plans on robbing a bank with a note, at least make your demands legible.

Perhaps the suspect in a failed bank robbery in Phoenix this morning would have been better served e-mailing his demand note to the bank because the words he scratched onto a piece of paper apparently didn't do the trick -- the teller couldn't read it.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, an unknown suspect walked into the Chase bank at 7th Avenue and Thomas Road this morning and handed his illegible note to a teller.

The teller told the suspect he couldn't read what was written, at which point the robber went with plan B: simply asking for the cash verbally.

The teller, however, was apparently unimpressed -- he told the robber he wouldn't do that and walked away.

With his plans foiled, rather than make another feeble attempt at robbing the bank, the suspect took off running.

As is often the case in failed bank robberies, the suspect got no cash, but authorities got his picture. Check it out at the top of the post.

The suspect is described as Hispanic, about 25 years old, with the word "ARIZONA" tattooed across his left arm, which oughta make him (ahem) real tough to track down.

Silent Witness is offering a $1,000 reward for the suspect's capture or indictment. If you know the guy, and you wanna make a quick $1,000, call (480) WITNESS.

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