Smugglers Abandon 2,100 Pounds of Weed in Desert to Avoid Capture by Authorities

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found nearly a ton of weed in a vehicle in the desert near Casa Grande, which CBP officials say was abandoned by drug smugglers trying to avoid being captured.

We can only assume that somewhere near the Arizona/ Mexico border there's a drug dealer who's probably not too thrilled with a couple of his employees right now.

CBP spokesman David Jimarez tells New Times today that CBP officers got a report of a suspicious vehicle traveling north through the desert.

Agents gave a description of the vehicle to officers in the CBP's Office of Air and Marine patrol, who were dispatched to the area.

From the air, OAM spotted the suspect vehicle, and when ground agents responded yesterday, they found the vehicle abandoned and 104 bundles of weed stashed inside.

A search of the area was conducted in an attempt to locate anyone in connection with the vehicle, but agents came up dry.

The weed found in the vehicle totaled more than 2,100 pounds, which authorities estimated has a street value of about $1.6 million.

The pot and the vehicle were taken to the Casa Grande CBP station for smoking processing.

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