Snoop Dogg's All-Stars cream AZ team 33-14 in Snoop Bowl VI; Matt Leinart chills on sidelines as Snoop coaches his heart out.

Big Snoop Dogg inspects the troops.

Snoop Dogg's All-Stars came to Chandler's Hamilton High to play, as they say in the sports pages, and they kicked much Arizona ass Saturday, dominating the pee-wee version of the AZ Cardinals, and concluding Snoop Bowl VI with an impressive 33-14 win.

Too bad Matt Leinart was busy mugging it up for the cameras on the sidelines. Despite some news reports to the contrary, the Cardinals QB did not coach the AZ team of elementary-school tykes. Sure, he stayed till the end, signed some autographs, shook Snoop's hand. But he left the coaching to others.

Makes you wonder what would've happened if Leinart had actually coached the team. To be fair, the press release for the game did not list Leinart as a coach. Also, a portion of the proceeds are supposed to benefit the Matt Leinart Foundation, which aids disadvantaged youth.

Cardinals QB Matt Leinart, on the sidelines.

The Doggfather, by contrast, was a hands-on presence, inspecting the troops before the game, advising individual players, even walking out onto the field to rally his lil' bow-wows and instruct them in the huddle. They seemed to return the love, dousing Snoop with Gatorade at one point toward the end, when victory was certain.

The Doggfather, watching over his pups.

Though the Snoopafella's pint-sized pigskin-passers were impressive on the field, like a mini-pro team almost, the Arizona All Stars, wearing Cardinals insignia, were no punks. Folks on the sidelines actually informed me they were local champs the Chandler Rattlers, and were wearing the Cardinals logo for just this once.

Alas, they lacked the 'tude and war-like fierceness of their opponents. The kids' jerseys told the tale. While the AZ team's jerseys bore regular last names, like Anderson and Lucas, the Snoop Dogg All-Stars had handles like Tiger, Da Beast, Hitman, and Icy D emblazoned on their shoulders.

Snoop's team and the mini-Cards face-off.

After the game, Snoop signed autographs for fans who rushed onto the field. He then retired to the locker room, where he spent over an hour signing everything from footballs to kids' tennis shoes.

Bet these tennis shoes never get washed.

You're probably wondering, "Why is Lemons reporting on Snoop Bowl VI?" Consider it my concession to Super Bowl madness. Also, I saw Snoop perform Friday night at the Bud Bowl in Scottsdale, and as I had a free Saturday afternoon, I figured, "What the hey?" I mean, how often are you going to see something like this in freakin' Chandler, of all places?

The Snoopafella, feelin' the love.

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