So Long, Janet? Let the Speculation Begin

Everywhere from Facebook to corporate boardrooms across town, speculation about what will happen with now-Governor Janet Napolitano — and when — is fast and furious.

Here's some early-morning water cooler talk:

The money is on Napolitano taking the dog of a job (who's going to succeed in that position?!) and getting the hell out of AZ. So what would happen to her political appointees? On the top of the pile on the chopping block is Steve Owens (pictured at right), head of the state Department of Environmental Quality and longtime lib.

Dennis Burke, Napolitano's former chief of staff, is being talked about as a possibility for U.S. Attorney, but given his experience working on Capitol Hill and for Janet Reno, he'd be a good bet to accompany Napolitano to D.C. in her new gig.

In any case, the theory is that Napolitano won't abandon the state (er, resign from her position) 'til right around the inauguration, leaving time for her successor, Secretary of State Jan Brewer, to get cooking.

Line of the day — so far: Jan Brewer makes Jane Dee Hull look like Janet Napolitano.— Amy Silverman


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