Someone Was Touching Butts Again at Arizona State University

It's probably safe to say plenty of butts are touched just every night at Arizona State University, but cops say someone was doing it illegally on Wednesday.

This isn't the first booty problem at the University, as ASU police had to deal with a serial booby- and booty-gripper starting in August 2010.

Police caught the suspected groper in September.

Now ASU police are dealing with a butt slapper, although the new guy hasn't reached "serial" status.

Police put out a crime alert yesterday, saying two female students were slapped in the rear on the first floor of a dorm on the University's Tempe campus around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The dorm isn't identified, and police say both strikes were with an open hand.

"The suspect was aggresive toward the victims after the assault until the victims told him to stop and leave," police say. "There were no injuries."

The coppers looked around for the butt slapper to no avail.

Police say this fellow is either white or Hispanic, about 6-foot-2, with a buzz cut and a thin mustache.

If you know who slapped some butts on Wednesday (illegally), ASU police would like you to give them a ring about that.

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