Seems the anonymous "Chewie" over at Sonoran Alliance blog doesn't know his DES from his DOR.

Sonoran Alliance Story on Banned Bible Study Changes Departments

As we reported yesterday, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Economic Security told us that, despite what Chewie had reported, her cafeteria was Bible-thumper accessible. (She didn't use that exact phrase, of course).

Today, Sonoran Alliance writes in an unsigned post that the incident -- in which someone allegedly told a Bible group that their lunchtime meeting was prohibited -- actually occurred in the Department of Revenue's cafeteria.

So we called Sean Laux, DOR public information officer. He checked with the building's cafeteria management and the DOR operations director.
"This incident never occured here," Laux says emphatically.

Next, we'll probably find out the alleged incident actually occurred in the cafeteria of the Saudia Arabia 

Ministry of Islamic Affairs


Or maybe on "Chewie's" home planet.

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