South Park Episode Riffs on Twilight and Labels Scottsdale "The Most Horrible, Most Miserable Place on Earth"

Last night's episode of the popular animated show South Park, titled "The Ungroundable," riffed on the popularity of local author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books, while simultaneously taking a jab at Scottsdale.

In the episode -- which you can view in its entirety here -- four old-school goth kids are upset about the new trend of kids dressing and acting like vampires, and the fact that school authorities can't differentiate between the goth kids and the vampire kids.

In one scene, a group of vampire kids are lounging around on the school bleachers, and one girl says, "I'm like Bella in Twilight." The insinuation that Meyers' immensely popular vampire novels are behind the vampire kids trend runs throughout the show, but the real zinger comes about 15 minutes and 43 seconds into the 21-plus minute episode.

The goth kids kidnap the guy they believe to be the "head vampire" and are standing around, trying to decide what to do with him. After deciding not to drive a stake through his heart or ship him to Transylvania (since he could brag about that), the goth girl says, "We need to send him to the most horrible, most miserable place on Earth."

There's a pause, and then all four goth kids, in unison, firmly state, "Scottsdale!"

The episode never elaborates as to why Scottsdale is the most horrible or miserable, but the fact that it's on South Park creators' radar at all is pretty hilarious.

I guess we can blame Twilight for that, too. -- Niki D'Andrea

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