Look familiar?
Look familiar?

South Park's Cartman as Joe Arpaio?

If you didn't catch last night's South Park, you missed out. Not only did it touch on Arizona's focal issue, illegal immigration, and introduce the world to the term "Mexi-Jew," it featured the show's portly, pissed-off star, Cartman, portraying a hillbilly sheriff bearing a striking resemblance to Maricopa County's corrupt top-cop, Joe Arpaio.

In the episode, titled "The Last of the Messicans," the boys play a rousing game of "Texans vs. Mexicans," after which Cartman joins the Border Patrol and is hell-bent on getting every Mexican out of America -- which is very Joe-esque.

We can't say for sure whether South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker had America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" in mind when they created Sheriff Cartman, but it seems like a hell of a coincidence if they didn't. See below.

See last night's entire South Park episode here.

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