The curvaceous Shelly, aka DJ ///she///...

Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange comes to life at A Clockwork Sadisco

Droogs Necro and Jules at the Sadisco Milk Bar...

Cue Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, me droogies, I've just now found time to post these pics from A Clockwork Sadisco, the A Clockwork Orange -themed soiree thrown on a recent Saturday by those genius industrial/EBM whores of Club Sadisco. If you haven't experienced a Sadisco, then you're missing the closest thing in P-town to Gotham's Party Monster scene of the early '90s. Founders Donnie Burbank (Dr. Fucker) and Toby Heidebrink (DJ Squalor) organize these decadent, demimonde freeforalls, which occur at least on a monthly basis at revolving venues including Jugheads, Shayna's, and so on. Themes have included WWIII Sadisco, Fear and Loathing Sadisco, Crime Lab Absinthium, Serial Killers Convention, and the infamous Fight Club Sadisco, with actual bloody bare-knuckle brawling.

The alluring Anya, one of the most attractive women in Phoenix...

A Clockwork Sadisco was actually the brain child of Sadiscoite Jen "Lady Ditch" Lux, who designed and organized much of the outrageous evening, which featured a genuine milk bar like the one Malcolm McDowell's character in the Kubrick flick visits with his three droogs; thrashing industrial beats from various acts; erotic photography by Joi Carey; folks dressed up in bowler hats and white suspenders, like the ultra-violent ne'er-do-wells of the film; door prizes of ceramic white phalli; Kubrick's film itself playing over the bar in closed caption; and, inexplicably, a giant white rabbit with Easter baskets in which small stuffed bunnies had offed themselves in a number of ways -- hanging, power saw, razor blades, etc.

On hand at the Sadistic Disco were the gorgeous Shelly, aka, DJ ///she///, dressed in a form-fitting '60s-style dress, photographer Dayvid LeMmon with his hella-cute gal-pal Colleen, DJ Blonde NOize looking abfab in orange hair, the booful Anya, and too many others to mention here.

Photog Dayvid LeMmon with the fair Colleen...

The next Sadisco is 4/21 at Shayna's (2017 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale), and is titled "Sadisco in the Land of Mistreated Sex Toys," so prepare yourselves for loads of raunch (21+ only). Also, Sadisco'll be hosting Norwegian aggrotech group Combichrist in August, so buy those tickets now, and as the Sadiscoites say, don't not be there.

PS: Just found out the bunny's name, I feel like Donnie Darko! His name is Amorpheous, and here's his website with his "Easter caskets":


Very cool.

One of the bunny's "caskets."
Hey, who let that bunny in here?

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