State Bar of Arizona Presents Coveted Award to Our Favorite Librarian

We have made many a visit over the years to the law library at the downtown Phoenix county court complex, to do legal research (believe it or not) or to write our stories away from the distractions (i.e. procrastination) over at the newspaper.


During that time, we have come to know a wonderful librarian at that library named Susan Armstrong: The woman knows everything about finding court cases and other legal materials, and she always has been happy, make that eager, to help.

We've seen Susan give the same consideration to a homeless guy off the street as she has to a barrister in a three-piece.

Hell, she would have been thrilled to help Mike Tyson (photo) with something if the troubled ex-boxer had wandered by during that drug possession rap of his a few years ago.


We just noticed that the State Bar of Arizona has chosen Susan for its annual Award of Appreciation, a coveted honor given "in recognition of outstanding service toward the creation of a better understanding of the legal profession and the administration of justice."

She will be given a nice plaque during a luncheon at the Bar's convention, which is ongoing in Glendale, after which she probably will get back to work for the rest of the day. 

Unsolicited praise is a good thing, especially when it is as well deserved as it is in Susan Armstrong's case -- she's a public servant who enjoys her gig and does it well.

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