State Representative Kimberly Yee Doesn't Want Your Kids to Have Bongs Anymore

State Representative Kimberly Yee wants to add possessing a bong to the list of things kids in Arizona aren't allowed to do.

Yee introduced House Bill 2034, which would make it illegal for kids under 18 to possess a hookah, bong, water pipe, and anything else that's intended for "tobacco use only" but is often used to smoke weed.

Currently, kids can legally purchase the smoking devices, despite not being allowed to buy the tobacco to smoke out of them.

According to Yee, research shows that smoking a hookah for an hour is the equivalent of smoking a carton (200) cigarettes.

Additionally, the bill would make it a petty offense to sell smoking devices to minors.

Under Yee's bill, the penalty for being a minor in possession of a bong would be 30 hours community service and a $100 fine.

The bill passed in the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. It now heads to the House Health and Human Services Committee, where it also needs to pass, before it reaches the full House.

See the full bill here.

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