State Senate Press Room Heading for Extinction; Media Eviction Scheduled for End of Session

The State Senate still intends to boot reporters out of rooms at the State Capitol that they've worked in for more than three decades -- it'll happen at the end of this legislative session, staffers say.

So, in the interest of preserving a (somewhat moldy) slice of history, here is a picture of what Capitol Media Services reporter Howie Fischer's desk looked like on a recent day:

What a frickin' sty! Not that ours is much better. But at least people can't just wander in off the street and photograph it for a blog.

This is the Arizona Republic side of the press room, with reporters Casey Newton and Matthew Benson toiling away in the background. Another room next door houses the broadcast folks -- they've already split.

Who won't miss the cleverly selected, yellowing clippings affixed to the walls? And, if course, the bumper-sticker-laden file cabinets:

Maybe some of this stuff will turn up on eBay...

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