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State Senator Scott Bundgaard Freeway Fracas: Decision on Charges Weeks Away

Despite Phoenix police recommending that he be charged with assault for a February freeway fight with his then gal-pal Aubry Ballard, the prosecutor handling State Senator Scott Bundgaard's case has yet to file a charge -- and he says a decision on whether to file charges at all probably won't be made any time soon.

Phoenix city prosecutor Aaron Carreon-Ainsa says he's asked police for more information on the case. He reportedly says a decision on whether to charge Bundgaard could be weeks away.

On February 25, while returning from a charity event, Ballard and Bundgaard got into an argument that turned physical.

Details of the brouhaha are sketchy -- each side tells a different story -- but what we know for sure is that Bundgaard came away from the fight with a shiner, and Ballard had bruises on her chest and cuts on her legs, allegedly caused by Bundgaard when he yanked her out of his car on the side of State Route 51.

Ballard was arrested at the scene, but Bundgaard was let go after claiming legislative immunity because he was a state senator in session at the time.

Bundgaard later claimed that Ballard pulled a gun on him, which is why he got physical with his petite former flame. However, not too many people -- especially members of the State Senate GOP caucus -- buy that story. A source within the caucus told New Times that Bundgaard's story was "ridiculous."

Following the fight -- and the tale of the gun -- Senate GOPers voted to boot him as majority leader, despite what we're told was a tearful plea from Bundgaard to keep his leadership position.

Stay tuned -- we'll let you know when Carreon-Ainsa makes his decision.

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