State Senator Steve Pierce to Serve as Acting Senate Majority Whip Until the Rest of GOP Can Mosey on Home to Vote

If the Arizona Senate could vote on a budget as quickly as members vote on leadership positions, we might not still have a $3.4-billion budget gap.

Senate Republicans named Steve Pierce acting majority whip Tuesday, just hours after former-Majority Whip Pamela Gorman bailed on the position because she couldn't play nice with other members of the Republican caucus, and refused to support a 1-percent sales tax hike.

The nomination of Pierce squashes the short-lived hopes of Senator Ron Gould to secure the position for himself, after he announced his candidacy for the spot less than an hour after Gorman quit.

The Republican caucus wouldn't name Pierce the permanent whip because six Republicans were not present at the closed-door meeting yesterday, including Gorman, who is said to be traveling the Midwest, probably licking her wounds.

Other notable absentees from Tuesday's meeting: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray, who has been gallivanting around the Carribean on a cruise since Sunday, and Senator Carolyn Allen, nursing a bum knee she suffered after a spill down the stairs in the Senate Building.

This state party's about as dysfunctional as the Bundys in the Fox television series Married With Children, but some of its legislative members sure can be fun to write about. 

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