State Treasurer Dean Martin Says Arizona Refund Checks Will Spend Just Fine

California nearly faced a revolt last month when officials announced that state tax filers would get IOUs instead of refunds.

Arizona residents, however, can expect to receive state refund checks that banks will cash, says State Treasurer Dean Martin.

Click here to read an MS Word version of Martin's news release.

Like any good politician, Martin doesn't hesitate to pat himself and his buddies on the back, (even though we don't have the checks in hand quite yet):

"This is why I started warning everyone about our fiscal problems, so there would be time for action to prevent these types of drastic efforts from being needed."

"Fortunately, our Legislature and new Governor acted quickly in a special session to fix the 2009 budget deficit. Their quick action has allowed us to plan for the rest of this year."

"While the economy may still indeed worsen, we will do what it takes to make sure we have the financial resources to honor refund checks issued to you by the Department of Revenue," said Treasurer Martin.

Damn straight. No stinkin' government's gonna steal our money.

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