Statewide Ban Proposed for Texting While Driving, but Sexting Is a Different Story

Sorry to the people who don't like looking out of the windshield while operating a motor vehicle, but state legislators are proposing a ban on texting while driving.

If you're worried you'll get a ticket for sending naked pictures of yourself on your phone while driving, fear not, because it doesn't look like that would be a problem under this proposal.

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Senate Bill 1218 proposes fines just for sending a "written message" on a "wireless communication device," so sending naked pictures -- OK, any pictures -- doesn't seem to be an issue.

Under this proposal, getting caught the first time costs $100, and then it's $300 every time after that.

If someone is texting while driving and gets into an accident, that's $300.

Democratic state Senator Steve Farley's the sponsor on the Senate side, and Dem representatives Chad Campbell and Victoria Steele are sponsoring it on the House side.

Word to the wise -- even if this legislation gets downed again, municipal ordinances like texting-and-driving bans in Phoenix and Tucson still apply.

Click here to see details on SB 1218.


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