Step-Grandfather Accused of Molesting Multiple Branches of Family Tree

After a young girl told her teacher Tuesday that her step-grandfather had been molesting her for the past two years, police discovered the old man has allegedly molested several branches on the family tree.

Rafael Montenegro Calderon, a 51-year-old Phoenix resident, was arrested Tuesday evening after family members over two generations admitted being sexually abused and molested by the man.

On Tuesday morning, the girl told her teacher that her step-grandfather was a "sexual abuser."

School staff interviewed the girl's sister, who told them Calderon was molesting her as well.

Police interviewed the girls -- both under the age of 10 -- that same day, and they told police of all the nasty details of their sleazy step-grandfather.

The younger girl told police she had been molested by the "wrinkly" Calderon in his trailer since she was 7, and he would often bribe her with money after touching her.

The other girl said she'd been molested since last year, and would try to wear jeans and lock her door whenever she knew Calderon was around.

She described several graphic incidents to police, including one where she woke up in her bed to discover Calderon unbuttoning her clothes and touching her.

Meanwhile, the girls' aunt, who takes care of the younger girl, told the cops that she'd been sexually abused by Calderon when she was between the ages of 6 and 13 while they lived in California.

Calderon tried to downplay the touching of both young girls, but admitted to the molestation of his step-daughter when she was around 6 years old.

Calderon now faces four charges each of sexual abuse and molestation of a child.

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