Steve Moak to Drop "Big Shoe" on Ben Quayle. Bigger Than That "Dirty" Shoe?

Is there a bigger bomb on the horizon than the "dirty" bomb that hit Congressional candidate Ben Quayle last week?

One of his opponents, Steve Moak, suggests there might be.

We contacted Moak's campaign spokesman, Jerry Cobb, today to see if Moak was planning on responding to some questions posed by Quayle in a letter he sent the candidate on Monday.

In case you missed it, Quayle sent Moak a letter asking him to clarify some discrepancies in regards to Moak's anti-drug charity and a business he used to own.

Read about that saga here.

In the letter, Quayle asked the following questions of Moak:

1) Why didn't you disclose the connection between NotMYkid and First Check on IRS statements like you are legally required to do?

2) Why didn't you tell donors at the time of the conflict?

3) Why did you use 80 percent of donors money in 2005 to promote First Check?

4) Why was the reference to you being the chairman of First Check suddenly removed from the NotMYkid Web site?

Moak hasn't responded to Quayle but gave New Times some answers yesterday. Check it out here.

As for the rest of Quayle's inquiries, Moak's campaign spokesman told us they would be addressed in a statement that would be released later.

After 24 hours, we received no such statement and started to think Moak was blowing off Quayle's letter.

We contacted Moak's campaign spokesman to find out what was up and were told a response is in the works -- and more.

"Yes...another big shoe will be dropping on Quayle shortly.  We'll be releasing our letter/response following impact," Cobb tells New Times.

He didn't elaborate.

After the "Dirty" bomb dropped on Quayle last week, our expectations for this "big shoe" are pretty high.

We contacted the Quayle campaign to see if Quayle was bracing for impact. His campaign spokeswoman, Megan Rose, doesn't seem to worried, calling Cobb's comment an "empty threat."

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