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Steve Nash Agrees to Rich Contract Extension, but Why Do the Phoenix Suns Want to Keep the Aging Superstar at All Costs?

Come on, the Suns are in a rebuilding mode. From the looks of things so far, we predict they'll be only slightly more competitive next season than the Arizona Diamondbacks have been this summer. Barring a major trade, look for the Suns to be a .500 team.
So why would the team extend Nash's already-lucrative contract to a two-year deal worth $22 million and guarantee all of his $13.1 million salary for the upcoming season? The extension was announced on the team's Web site today in a  Sporting News story, which says Nash will officially divulge details on his Twitter account any minute now.
One reason for keeping the 35-year-old at all costs is, we guess, he puts fannies in the seats at US Airways Center. But Shaq put fannies in the seats; he's one of the game's biggest stars, and Sarver dealt him to Cleveland to save money. Like we should give a shit about Sarver's saving huge bucks, much less that Shaq can now help LeBron James win a championship.
Hey, we want the championship, damn it! Nobody in this town (Sarver and  GM Steve Kerr are from San Diego) gives a damn about either of these much-ballyhooed reasons.  

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