Feathered Bastard

Steve Smith's "Save Joe Arpaio's Ass Bill" Passes State House, and, Oh, It's Unconstitutional

Here's yet another sign worshippers at the font of all things Sheriff Joe know that their boy is doomed by the current recall effort: Their willingness to resort to futile, unconstitutional trickery to keep Arpaio's career on life support.

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The latest stab at propping up Sand Land's 21st Century version of Augusto Pinochet is actually an old idea, proffered by the same wingnutty idiot who has suggested it heretofore.

I speak, of course, of Constantin Querard-puppet and all around human cockroach Steve Smith, a Republican Representative from Pinal County best known for his greasy hair, his dumb effort to build a border wall with private donations, and his willingness to gag on any of the wrinkled appendages belonging to the bloated corpus of recalled, disgraced state Senate President Russell Pearce.

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