Steven Seagal Somehow Helped Joe Arpaio's Boys Find a Bunch of Weed

Actor Steven Seagal added another cameo to his list of appearances with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office last night, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Seagal somehow helped real deputies find a bunch of weed.

Seagal's starring role in MCSO raids seems to be going down the toilet, as he's gone from riding around in a tank while deputies bust a dude for cockfighting, to joining in on a "crime suppression sweep"/illegal immigrant roundup, and now having something to do with finding weed.

According to the sheriff's office, the MCSO's "Drug Interdiction Unit" found three suspected illegal immigrants bringing around 500 pounds of weed from Mexico to the States.

The three guys were found in the desert, and deputies say the weed was "destined for east coast cities."

One of the guys, Jesus Lleyva Castillo, was booked on a few drug charges. He apparently has an "extensive criminal history."

The other two guys were turned over to the Border Patrol.

What exactly Seagal did is unknown as of yet, as we're awaiting a response from the sheriff's office.

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio says part of the drug interdiction team involved in this arrest was Special Deputy and Actor Steven Seagal" is what we have right now from the sheriff's office.

Also, the MCSO would like to remind you to tune in to CNN at 6 and 9 p.m. Pacific, as Seagal will be talking to Piers Morgan "about his law enforcement experiences here at the Sheriff's Office and his continuing battle at the border."

Back to you in the studio.

As a heads up to drug runners and brown people, Arpaio's "in the planning stages of a major crime suppression operation to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration from Mexico in the very near future."

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