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"Suge" Knight, Famed Rap Producer, Hurt After Scuffle at Scottsdale's W Hotel


Famed gangsta rap producer "Suge" Knight (right) sure knows how to keep it real.

The founder of Death Row Records, former home to legendary rappers Tupac and Snoop Dogg, used his face as a battering ram against another man's fists early this morning during a fight at the W Scottsdale Hotel.

Police say Knight is at the hospital getting help for his injuries. Cops busted two men (that's them in the police mug shots below) after the fight: Robert Carnes Jr., who claimed he is the manager for rapper Akon, (TMZ.com quotes a guy who denies that), and Thomas Leon Anderson Jr.

Both dudes had to be tased by Scottsdale police. The fight was evidently business-related, though police are still trying to sort out what happened, says Sgt. Mark Clark, Scottsdale police spokesman.

Knight never seems too far from the violence glorified in the music he helped produce. Last May, Knight was knocked unconscious after a bar fight (the picture of Knight above comes from a camera-phone video of the aftermath of that fight). When Tupac Shakur was gunned down in a car in a Las Vegas in 1996, Knight had been at the wheel driving and was cut by broken glass.

Knight's latest altercation comes just a couple of weeks after his company, crippled by bankruptcy, was sold to a firm run by a Canadian Jewish soccer mom. A New York law firm hired to track down Knight's assets for auction recently summed up the producer's business as "intentionally illicit" and "'gangster-style.'"

Also among Knight's latest woes: He reportedly owes $500,000 in child support to three women.

Too bad he didn't get caught this weekend in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's round-up of deadbeat dads -- at least it would have saved him from the shiner he must be sporting today.

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