Cole Ravel threatened officers with this knife. Then he got shot.
Cole Ravel threatened officers with this knife. Then he got shot.

Suicidal Machete-Wielding Mesa Man Dies After Being Shot by Police

Last week, Mesa Police Detective Steve Berry told us the man shot by police after threatening them with a machete was expected to survive.

That didn't happen.

We got word yesterday that after undergoing surgery, 35-year-old Cole Ravel died.

Ravel was shot by police Thursday afternoon after he lunged at an officer while holding the giant knife seen above.

The police were called to Ravel's apartment by his mother because she thought he was suicidal. With a knife like that in the house, it's probably good to error on the side of caution.

When police arrived at the house, they heard a loud dispute going on inside.

One of the officers pushed the door in and fell to the ground in the process.

On the other side of the door stood Ravel holding the machete. With the officer on the ground in "retreat mode," Ravel lunged at the officer as if he was going to hit him with the huge knife.

Bad move.

There were two other cops responding to the call, and once they saw what was going on, they shot Ravel in the chest.

None of the officers were hurt in the attack.

The officers are on paid administrative leave as the department investigates the shooting.

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