Sunrise and Snowbowl Ski Resorts Close as Storm Socks State

Valley skiers want to see fresh powder in the high country, and today's storm system is bringing plenty.

But the weather will need to clear up a bit before anyone can enjoy it.

Blizzard conditions today shut down Sunrise Ski Resort and Arizona Snowbowl, the state's premier snow-skiing spots.

Resort workers at Sunrise couldn't tell New Times if the place
would be open tomorrow; we left a couple of messages for the
higher-ups. Heavy snow is expected in the White Mountains through


The Snowbowl closed for the day just minutes ago after a power failure.
Weather reports call for two feet of snow tonight and another foot on
Friday -- with high winds.

Dave Smith, spokesman for the Snowbowl, says he's not sure if the park will open tomorrow.

"We can handle the snow -- it's the power and the possibility of high winds that's the problem," Smith says. "We'll just have to wake up tomorrow morning and see what happens. Sunday is supposed to be beautiful."

Meanwhile, Interstate 17 is closed, and the state Department of Public Safety is discouraging Valley residents from driving to the high country.

Once it all blows over, though, northern Arizona will look like a winter wonderland.

UPDATE: A White Mountain Independent article reports that Sunrise Ski Resort is expected to be fully open on Friday. However, a member of the ski patrol tells us it depends on -- you guessed it -- the weather.

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