Suns Deny Rumor in New York Post About Steve Kerr Replacing Head Coach Terry Porter

Phoenix Suns head coach Terry Porter was "visibly annoyed" today at questions related to a column in the New York Post this morning that speculated Porter was about to be replaced by Suns general manager Steve Kerr.


According to the latest media reports, both Porter and Kerr deny they've heard anything about the rumor, which came about in a column by sports writer Peter Vecsey entitled Bad Karma in Phoenix:

Meanwhile, according to a Phoenix source, Porter will be replaced by Kerr, who recently completed a crash correspondence coaching course taught by McHale and Tony DiLeo.

Vecsey's a longtime sports journalist and former analyst for NBA and TBS "known for his bitter, cynical. acidic, spiteful, sarcastic style," according to his Wikipedia entry, (which, for all we know, he may have written himself). Apparently, he's a big enough deal that his critics take the time to write columns about him instead of basketball, and his visit to Phoenix last year was covered by a local blogger.

In any case, the Suns denials have a wisp of "doth protest too much," don't you think? The team is rife with trade rumors and clearly moving toward major changes -- Vecsey's "source" probably isn't the water boy.

Also, as we've said in this blog, if the Suns don't make the playoffs this year under Porter, he should be toast -- with Kerr not that far behind.

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