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"Supernanny" Producers to Hold Casting Call at Phoenix Zoo

Are your children unruly? Do they yell at the dinner table, shove each other in the hallway, or refuse to speak to you? Maybe you've got a house full of active kids and can't keep up the pace. Well, Phoenix parents, get ready: if you're feeling overwhelmed, British "Supernanny" Jo Frost might come to your rescue, and capture the whole intervention for national TV.

Johnny Beechler, Casting Producer for the ABC television series Supernanny, is looking for families to participate in season five of the reality show, and will hold auditions at the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday, September 5. Interested families who e-mail producers before the 5th with a family photo and details on why they need help will receive a pass for the front of the line at the Phoenix audition.

Frost, author of the bestselling book Ask Supernanny, has more than 20 years of experience in child care and introduced the concept of sitting children on "the naughty step" in parental discipline as a variation on the time-out. Since Frost began hosting Supernanny on British television in 2004, it's been picked up by various networks on other shores and now airs in 147 countries.   

Parents of your average, out-of-control teen need not apply for season five of the stateside series. This season, producers are looking for families in "extraordinary circumstances:" parents whose kids are bullies, teen mothers, same-sex parents, and culturally diverse families.

Parents interested in auditioning can contact Casting Producer Johnny Beechler with questions or concerns at 614-668-5700 or cast4shows@yahoo.com.

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