Supreme Court Won't Stop Clean Elections Matching Funds in Arizona -- at Least, Not Now

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has refused requests from the Goldwater Institute to intervene in Arizona's Clean Elections system -- meaning that Clean Elections will begin to issue matching funds later this month.

After a federal judge struck down the matching funds as unconstitutional, Clean Elections appealed. Last month, the appellate court overturned the judge's ruling and decreed that the matching funds are okay.

For now, at least, the U.S. Supreme Court, via Justice Kennedy, is refusing to second-guess that decision. That means that matching funds are likely safe for at least the 2010 cycle.

What that means? For every cent that wealthy, self-financed candidates like Buz Mills spend on their campaigns, Governor Jan Brewer will get money to "level the playing field."

And what's the really bad news for New Times' readers?

Andrew Thomas is running for Arizona Attorney General as a "clean elections" candidate. That means for every cent his foes spend attacking him, Thomas will get public money to run ads of his own.

In other words, every time Tom Horne spends money on his campaign for AG, we can expect to see dozens upon dozens of ads from Thomas trashing illegal immigrants, calling his opponent a RINO, and generally doing whatever he can to appeal to voters' worst instincts adn lower the level of discourse in Arizona.

We know our suffering has nothing on Jesus' or anything, but really, we can't help but think of Matthew 27:46: My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

For more about Arizona's Clean Elections system, click here.

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