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Surprise Man Ends Up Accused of Horrific Molestations After Cops Check Out Claims of Girl Getting Smacked With Spatula

In May, a 13-year-old girl told her friend that her father's girlfriend had smacked her in the face with a spatula.

Police in Surprise got word of this and investigated it as a child-abuse case, but eventually found out that the girl and her sister were victims of horrific alleged molestations, which the cops say were carried out by a 35-year-old man.

(Due to the suspects' relation to the victims, and a police department request, we will omit their names).

According to court documents obtained by New Times, investigators' interview with the girl started with her explaining the part about being hit with a spatula, which was later clarified to be the back of a ladle.

The girl said that her father's girlfriend hit her because her younger sister stole chocolate from the freezer, but told police that the girls' father also got involved by picking her up by the neck and slamming her into a wall, the documents say. Her head allegedly created a hole in the wall, which was later covered with a wall calendar, the girl said.

The girl told police that she was locked in the garage for two days, and said that she couldn't tell investigators what happened after she was finally let out.

She eventually wrote down what happened for police, and it involved her father getting in the shower with her and trying to touch her. She told him to stop, and later that day he showed her some porn and said, "Do this to me," according to the documents.

The girl's younger sister, who's 12 years old, told a very similar story about this shower incident, and added some more stories about their father -- a lot more.

The younger girl told police that their father would come to her drunk and start performing sexual acts on her, and he'd put something in her mouth and duct-tape her mouth shut if she started screaming.

She said her father even invited a friend over some times to join in, and said she'd seen the same things happen to her sister, the documents say.

The details she recalled were gruesome, and involved binding her, making her bleed, and taking pictures of her on his cellphone, according to the court documents.

She once told her father's girlfriend about this, but her father's girlfriend told police that her boyfriend denied it when she asked him about it. The older sister also told her father's girlfriend about the shower incident, but said the man's excuse for that was that "it was his house and he needed to go pee," the documents state.

The man denied doing anything sexual to the kids, but requested his attorney, which ended the interview.

He faces 12 felony charges, including child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, child abuse, among other charges. He was denied bond.

The father's girlfriend was also jailed on charges of child abuse and failing to report neglect of a minor.

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