Surprise Man Tells Cops He Was Raped By His Drug Dealer; Says He Was Trying to Get Back His Mother's Ring He'd Used As Down Payment for Meth

Some things in life require intense courage and willpower -- like the guy who went to the Surprise Police Department to tell the cops he was raped by his meth dealer.

According to documents obtained by New Times, the man told police he was at the Surprise house of 41-year-old Mark Barrera Ramos trying to get back his mother's ring -- which Ramos took from him as a down payment for some meth in December.

The man told police he was talking to his wife on his cell phone when Ramos grabbed him and pushed him onto a bed.

His wife told investigators she heard her husband say "no," and the phone went dead.

The man said Ramos was slapping a Bowie knife against his hand in the bedroom, and was eventually held down by Ramos and raped, according to the documents.

A forensic examination of the man apparently showed enough evidence of the assault to get a search warrant on Ramos' home, which was served on Tuesday afternoon.

Not only did police find Ramos' meth stash inside his house, he also got to answer some questions from police about allegedly raping the man.

Ramos denied the accusation, but police say he laughed every time he was confronted with the assault.

Police asked Ramos if his DNA would be present on the victim. Ramos said it would be possible if the man "got into his Vaseline or lotion and got it that way."

Ramos also mentioned to police that the man has left several voicemail messages on his phone, asking Ramos why he raped him and still asking for the ring back.

Now in jail, Ramos faces four felony charges: sexual assault, kidnapping, possession of a dangerous drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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