Surprise Teacher Stole a School Computer and Went to Pennsylvania; Yeah, She Got Busted

A substitute teacher in Surprise has some explaining to do after police found her in possession of a computer that belonged to the school where she worked.

Jeanette Guyer, 42, was a substitute teacher at the Desert Moon Elementary School in Surprise but left the school just before Christmas.

Surprise police Sergeant Mark Ortega tells New Times that after the Dysart Unified School District conducted a standard inventory audit, the district realized the computer was missing.

Little did Guyer know, all of the laptop computers at the DUSD are equipped with a computer-locating system similar to a LoJack devices in automobiles.

Police managed to track the computer to a location in Pennsylvania, where Guyer had been living.

Over the course of their investigation, police found evidence suggesting that Guyer would eventually be returning to Surprise.

On January 21, police confirmed that Guyer was back in the Valley and obtained a search warrant for her home.

On March 3, police executed the warrant, and guess what they found? A laptop stolen from the Desert Moon Elementary School.

Guyer was arrested and charged with theft and possession of stolen property. The computer was returned, unharmed, to the school.   

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